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Zsiska Handmade Jewellery at

Zsiska Handmade Jewellery available for Worldwide Delivery from UK based Stockist.

Zsiska Necklaces - Zsiska Bracelets - Zsiska Rings - Zsiska Earrings

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Zsiska NYC - Zsiska Mariposa and many other Collections

Zsiska NYC pendant Necklace by Zsiska at Handmade Jewellery
Zsiska Jewellery Handmade Tinta Bracelet at
Zsiska Jewellery Handmade Pluma Necklace at
Zsiska NYC in Red and Black Handmade Jewellery at
Zsiska Hanimi in Silver Handmade Jewellery at

ZSISKA jewellery

Is made of resin and can be combined with other high quality materials such as 24k gold leaf and pure silver leaf. ZSISKA found a way to make resin as clear as glass and very light in weight. Resulting in jewellery that is easy and very pleasant to wear!


Siska Schippers was born in Amsterdam and worked as a European gold and silversmith before she decided to make handmade resin jewellery, home decor, and gifts under the ZSISKA brand.