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JI by Hila Rawet Karni

Industrial Jewellery

Expanding on previous season’s successful collection, Hila is excited to

incorporate unique natural materials and fun pops of colour to the line.

The inspiration behind this collection is to seamlessly integrate between

nature and industry and bring to light the softer side of Industrial Jewellery.

In this their 9th collection, they are proud to share a fresh take on their

classic metallic design.

The brighter colour palettes, organic geometric shapes, and earthy

notes are guaranteed head turners!

Industrial Jewellery specializes in crafting unique pieces of high-end

jewellery that incorporate a wide variety of industrial materials.

Hila’s work transforms springs, ropes, rubber and other unusual materials, to

the point where pieces require a second or third glance to truly

recognize the pieces’ origins.

In 2014/15 they were in London, NY and Paris, with what they

considered to be their most exciting work to date. 


Loop Necklace

Loop Earrings

Industrial Double Necklace

Custom made silicone connectors.

Learn More

Industrial V Necklace

Magnetic clasp.

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Industrial U Shape Necklace

Stainless steel springs.

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Heathers Collectables

Desire Necklace

The necklace is made of either natural, Blackened

or 24K gold plated springs threaded with cotton rope.

Magnetic clasps are plated brass.

Necklace measures 60cm around the neck (drops 30cm).


Desire Necklace
Heathers Collectables

Talia stainless steel square Necklace 

Natural or blackened stainless steel square springs connected

with custom made silicone connectors.

Coloured parts are oven-painted brass.

Chain is plated brass.

Total necklace length is 45cm (Necklace drops about 25cm)


Talia stainless steel square necklace